8inch visual experience
7inch graceful figure

More narrow frame, more suitable for the width, more comfortable grip a born beauty itself is a kind of quality


Strong quad core,
the ultimate experience

Equipped with high performance and low power consumption in one of the quad core processor chip Let both HD video or large 3D games are like visual presentation, fully and delightfully freely flowing style of writing.


This is a look at the inner and
the appearance of the

More color, more than one kind of mood I'll pay for your colors.


Not only do you have a good time to listen,
you don't have to



Q75X Mix
Q75X Animals 1
Q75X Animals 2
Q75X Animals 3
Q75X Animals 4
Q75x Balloon1
Q75x Balloon2
Q75x Balloon3
Q75x Balloon4
Q75x C. Girls1
Q75x C. Girls2
Q75x C. Girls3
Q75x C. Girls4
Q75x c.Hands1
Q75x c.Hands2
Q75x c.Hands3
Q75x c.Hands4
Q75x Kids1
Q75x Kids2
Q75x Kids3
Q75x Kids4
Q75x Football1
Q75x Football2
Q75x Football3
Q75x Football4
Q75x Golf1
Q75x Golf2
Q75x Golf3
Q75x Golf4
Q75x Skating Kids1
Q75x Skating Kids2
Q75x Skating Kids3
Q75x Skating Kids4
Q75x Snowman1
Q75x Snowman2
Q75x Snowman3
Q75x Snowman4
Q75x Map1
Q75x Map2
Q75x Map3
Q75x Map4